The LG Box

The LG Box

The LG Box is your personal customized gift box for that special someone you want to honor. We have curated a range of unique gifts from small businesses across the Americas. Simply chose which gifts you love and we will do the rest!

Steps for purchasing your LG Box:

  1. Add all of the products for a single LG box to your cart
  2. When you checkout, make sure you click LG Box Shipping so we know this is for a box and not personal products
  3. If you wish to leave a note to the receiver, simply write the message in our comment section and we will write the customer note on an LG notecard. If you purchased a card, please note if you wish us to use that card for the message or include the card in the box. 

  4. Make sure you include the shipping address you want it sent to or click the local pick up option

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