• Love Thy Neighbor

    Hey friend, this story doesn't really have anything to do with clothes because that's not the only thing Living Golden is about. I hope you got a chance to read our brand story to hear that our goal is to encourage, empower, and help women know that they are loved and known. If you haven't read i...
  • Our Brand Story

    Here is a little bit of my heart behind Living Golden. I first got inspired by my Golden Retriever, Maverick. You don't have to know me for very long before realizing I am a crazy dog mama and I'm completely obsessed with him. Although he was my inspiration, there is so much more meaning behind Living Golden. It got me thinking, what does it truly mean to live golden? To me, it means a few things. First and foremost, to me it looks like helping those around me realize that they are known and loved by God.  A cute dress, perfect skin, a wonderful husband, the best workout routine will not sustain your confidence and encouragement. Only Christ can do that. Living Golden also looks like supporting and encouraging others. I hope to do this with both my followers and other small businesses. In the brands that I carry in Living Golden, I try to also support other small businesses. To hear more check out our brand story on the bog.
  • NAT + NOOR New Arrivals

    We have teamed up with NAT + NOOR to get y'all some great new jewelry arrivals! Nat is short for Natalia, the owner and designer of the company, and Noor means light in Arabic. This brand is dedicated to creating a clean, simple aesthetic and using fun colors. The earrings that they create are ma...